WorldMUN 2011 in Singapore!

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It's been another year around, and the WorldMUN 2010 in Taipei Host Team would like to encourage everybody to participate in the conference that will take place in Singapore! Don't miss the fun and the brand new MUN experience!

For more information, please visit the official website at:
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Closing Address by Secretary-General, Harvard Team (Transcript)

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Closing Address-2
by Ami Nash, Secretary-General, Harvard Team
Date: March 18th, 2010
Length:482words, 3 minutes

Thanks very much Bianca.

Delegates, Faculty Advisers, Sponsors and Supporters of WorldMUN, and distinguished guests, it's hard to imagine that we're here today to celebrate the end of World Model United Nations 2010. I'd planned to tell you that this week had left me speechless, and in nearly losing my voice with the incredible chance to talk to so many of you this week...that's sounding a little too close to the truth!

At the beginning of this week, I challenged you to start conversations, change your mind, and to work towards solutions. In the past few days I've seen hundreds of you taking me up on these challenges, and in turn really broadening my and your fellow delegates' perspectives. It's been tremendously gratifying and edifying to talk to you about what has really got you going this week – whether it was gathering the courage as a first-time Model UN delegate to speak for the first time in committee; heatedly working towards compromise on a resolution in the hallways of TICC; or organizing extra dinners for your committee to continue to talk outside of session.
The conversations you started this week don't stop here. Can you imagine if Barak Obama, Kim Jong Il, Vladimir Putin, Lula Da Silva had spent a week sharing ideas, debating, and partying together when they were in their early twenties? In a few decades (or even sooner!) you'll be the leaders of the nations, corporations, and organizations that will move and shake the world...and at you'll still have the experience of this past week with you then.

In the shorter term, next year is going be the 20th year anniversary of World Model United Nations and we can't wait to welcome you back. In the meantime, we're excited to help you keep the friendships you've made here alive through our facebook groups, and new photo sharing website.

Finally, as we celebrate this incredible week, I wanted to take this chance to recognize the group of people who have made this convention happen. While we've been pulling long hours in debate and on the dance floor during the past week, a team of 200 plus members of the NTU host team have been hard at work for nearly the past year to make this conference happen. For the volunteers who guided us home each night, the pages who delivered us notes in committee, the assistant chairs who helped committee to run so smoothly, the directors and deputy directors who with their innovations and dedication set the bar for WorldMUN at an entirely new high, and the countless others who made this week happen – let's give a huge and well-deserved round of applause.

For their tremendous now to present to Jason and the rest of the host team this plaque– representing the gratitude of the entire WorldMUN community for the NTU host team's tremendous work hosting WorldMUN this past year.

Closing Address by President of NTU Host Team (Transcript)

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Closing Address-1
by Jason Hou, President of NTU Host Team
Date: March 18th, 2010
Length:929words, 5 minutes

Good afternoon,

Our distinguished guests, supporters and sponsors, dear Secretary General Ami Nash, Ladies and gentlemen, and last but not least, our fellow delegates:
To begin with, I want to tell you that I will try not to use the entertaining gestures as I did in the opening.

I am experiencing very complicated emotions right now because not only am I pleased and honored to be with you, but I am also sad. Pleased and honored because we have gone through an unforgettable, successful and fruitful week. Sad because we are about to be separated from each other.

On behalf of the entire host team, I would like to deliver our appreciations to a lot of people. We owe several big thanks to you. Thank you, our strongest supporters, sponsors, contractors, and providers, for you are the main reason why all things are extremely good quality and high standard. Thank you, our dearest mentors, and our faculty advisor Dr. Yang, Yung-ming (楊永明), and Dean of NTU Student Affairs Dr. Feng Yen (馮燕), for you always give us just the guidance we need when we are faced with the most critical obstacles. Thank you, our dear administrators of National Taiwan University, for your hard work with us during the past year and helping us overcome hundreds of problems and issues. Thank you, alumni of NTU Model UN, for you are the pioneers of everything today and we are standing on your shoulders because you are the giants before us. I also want to thank our distinguished Faculty Advisors of all delegations and alumni of WorldMUN. I had no chance to know them in my past WorldMUNs and now I have finally met them this year. We thank you because you are the momentum for WorldMUN to improve each year and continually pass on the experiences to a staff and delegates. I also have to thank my parents, for they support me the whole way and sustain the privileges I have. 謝謝爸爸媽媽。 Of course, we all have to thank our parents. We have the privileges now only because of our parents.

Also very, very, very important, I have to thank the Harvard Secretariat, particularly Secretary General Ami Nash. We had the honor to work with a fantastic team and we learned a lot from them. I learned from them the spirit of never stop trying, never stop finding possibilities, never stop proposing different solutions, and never stop delivering your opinions, no matter an agreement or a disagreement. I see possibilities within them and because of them. There were once some misunderstandings and miscommunications between the two teams, due to cultural differences. Well, if I told you everything went smoothly, I would be lying, but it is just the process of solving misunderstandings and filling cultural gaps which makes interaction between the teams so fascinating.

And I have to express my highest appreciations to our Secretary General Ami Nash! She was the one who brough the two teams together and I believe it was absolutely a tough task! This year’s Host Team is far bigger than in the past, but every one of us in NTU Host Team recognizes her as a great leader who is always friendly and respectful to everyone. There must be a very positive strength and energy within her heart, and we all have seen them with our eyes. I have great esteem for Ami’s content of character!

In this occasion of Closing Ceremony, I would like to share three values of WorldMUN 2010. This year’s WorldMUN is special. Of course, every WorldMUN stands in its unique position.. It is unique among all Host Team members because of a dream, a message, and a goal.
We had a dream to bring WorldMUN to Taiwan. We had a dream to organize one of the best Model UN conferences in the world. We tried to bid for WorldMUN 5 times in last ten years. Seeing the dream come true is really a thrill. If you agree that we are doing a great job, it should not discourage you from trying to make a bid, but should give you a stronger will, because the value of a dream is immeasurable.

We have a message to send. We want people from all around the world to see Taiwan, to recognize Taiwan, and to love Taiwan. We want the people in Taiwan to see the world, to know the world better, and to participate in the world even more actively. We want the people to understand that the special political status of Taiwan will never be a barrier of participating in the world, because we, NTU Host Team, are participating in the world right here, right now. We combine these into a message and send it out, because we believe the value of voicing one’s message is also immeasurable.

We want to show our goals to the world, the goals of everyone in this hall and all people in Taiwan. We all have a goal to gradually change the world, a goal to step in others’ shoes, and a goal to help each other. We all have a goal to fight for the right things, a goal to help the less privileged, and a goal to carry on the mission and the identity of world citizens. We want to show the goals because they are truly immeasurable.

Last but not least, thank you all, fellow delegates. You are the reason why we have gone through a fascinating week!
Thank you.

WorldMUN 2010 Promo + Opening Address Transcript

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WorldMUN 2010, Taipei Promo

WorldMUN Taipei Promo from resonance studio on Vimeo.

Opening Address-1
by Jason Hou, President of NTU Host Team
Date: March 14th, 2010
Length:1338words, 10 minutes

Good afternoon,

Our honorable President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-pin (郝龍斌), NTU President Dr. Lee Si-chen (李嗣涔), Dean of NTU Student Affairs Dr. Feng Yen (馮燕), our dear Secretary General Ami Nash, our Faculty Advisor Yang Yung-ming (楊永明), our distinguished sponsors and supporters, Secretariats, WorldMUN Staff and Volunteers , Chairs and Assistant Chairs, faculty advisors, alumni, sponsors and supporters, ladies and gentlemen, and most important of all, our fellow delegates:

I am honored to be with you at the Opening of the finest Model UN conference in the world. On behalf of the entire NTU Host Team, I send our sincere welcome and hospitality to you. Welcome to Taipei, Taiwan.

We have been expecting you for nearly a year and now we meet at last. Looking forward to this day because hosting each and every one of you is the final piece to complete this fascinating mission. This is no doubt the most important piece of work, for each and every one of you adds diversity and enriches the content of WorldMUN; each and every one of you brings something special to WorldMUN. I always remember the times when I participated in MUN as a delegate. The interaction and exciting chemistry with all fellow delegates around me have a special place in my heart – they compose the greatest part of my lifelong memory, because I have gained so much more than I have contributed. I gained precious knowledge of countries and cultures that cannot be obtained from books and news; I was shared by invaluable experiences which I never thought I would have the chance to engage myself in. I cannot describe exactly what you, my fellow delegates, bring to enrich the content of WorldMUN, but I always know this: Were without any of you, this could have been less phenomenal.

I believe there is a story to be told for every one of us and it would be just amazing if I could get to know everyone of you. Although I cannot pinpoint what you add to WorldMUN individually, I do know how to describe the overall inspiration I experienced through WorldMUNs. Today, I would like to share three things I took away from my past WorldMUN experiences. Just three things.

The unique experience I have gone through.
The privilege I realized that I have.
The identity and mission I decided to take on.

But before I proceed, I must not forget to thank the backbones of WorldMUN: staff, assistant chairs, and volunteers of the Host Team. There are nearly 400 of us in total and we have labored for more than a year. Their tremendous efforts are unparalleled and beyond measure, because I have never participated in a team composed of such highly motivated individuals. It was definitely beyond my expectations. I am proud and honored to be with them, and I believe this will remain one of the best teamwork experiences I have! When you encounter any Host Team members in the following week, please don’t forget to send your warmest regards to them. I believe every one of them can share their own stories and distinctive perspectives with you.
Back to the three things. The first thing is about the unique opportunity I have experienced.
I was really shocked when I first came to WorldMUN. It was WorldMUN 2007 in Geneva. At the time, I was still a freshman, and I was shocked by the scene I saw. And I am witnessing the same scene again, right here, right now. At that time, I have never seen so many talented people from so many countries in my life. Just ask ourselves: How many times in our lives do we get the chance to gather thousands of brilliant minds from over 50 countries, establish friendships, and develop solutions together under a united goal? Excitement soon triumphed over the feeling of surprise. I know this is the unique opportunity. Interacting across cultures peacefully and having mutual respect is our ultimate dream, and we are now a part of the unique opportunity to realize this dream in the following days. There are too many conflicts and tragedies rooted in cross-cultural misunderstandings and mutual despise. WorldMUN is THE opportunity not just by the figures on the table, like how many of us or how many countries are here, but also by the people sitting around the table and the unique connections formed among us.

The second thing I would like to share is the privilege I realized that I have.
Before my first WorldMUN, I had assumed that the privileged ones were referring to the millionaires, the well-connected politicians, those people with money that they can never use up, and those who are among the 20% of our population but controls 80% of the resources and wealth in our society. I had not known the world better, thus I came to such a false assumption. I had had no picture in my mind when I heard figures of children morality and world poverty. But now, I know I was wrong. Because of WorldMUN, I was pulled out of my comfort zone and I finally took a deeper and closer look at the world we live in. We definitely are the privileged ones. And this is a world filled with inequalities. The poorest 20% of all people only earn 2% of our total income, but the richest 20% earn 74%. We may not be among the richest people in our country, but we are definitely all among the richest 20% in the world. Moreover, we have the privilege to fly here, the privilege to be with the most brilliant minds around the world, and the privilege to participate in the problem-solving process. We have the privilege to engage in the world community, the privilege to have spare times to think and discuss, and the privilege to pursue higher goals and noble causes. And most important of all, we have the privilege to be inspired by WorldMUN. With great privilege comes great responsibility. We cannot and should not take all these for granted.

The final thing I would like to share is the identity and mission we should take on. The privileged should put tremendous efforts to improve the lives of the less privileged. Inspiration means nothing if we cannot put it into actions. We see change everywhere thus we have a greater possibility than our parents to help improve the world. We are in the middle of a world beginning to praise multilateralism. We are in the middle of the internet era where individuals have the possibility to help ripples build a current and thus leverage giant corporations and bureaucratic machines. The barrier to change is not too little possibility, but too little will and too little awareness.

Because we are and will always be inspired by the WorldMUN spirit, we must put these inspirations into actions. There are plenty of ways to act. Though this mission is open-ended, our responsibility and goal is clear. It is a united goal to strive for a better world, a united spirit to affect people around us, a united will to change, and a united identity and mission to serve as citizens of the world.

I understand that I don’t have answers to many problems in the world now. But I also believe that we have more possible solutions than we expected, more than the problems we are facing now. Approaches to a single issue are always far more than one. I also believe that there are more people who care about the world than I imagine. For I have seen them in several WorldMUNs. They are seated in this grand hall. We see activists in us and we will judge ourselves on how we perform our roles-serving as citizens of the world.
Delegates, grab this unique opportunity, realize the privileges we have, and take on the identity and the mission to serve as citizens of the world.

Thank you all very much.

What's Happening: Cabaret

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WorldMUN 2010 Social Events
Night 3: Cabaret @ Denwell Wedding House (120 photos)

(photographed by: Li, Zhen-Hao -
Officer of Social Events Logistics)